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Can Traveling Make Us More Creative?

People travel for many different reasons. Some travel for work, for a fun getaway, idea searching and some find mental peace by traveling. No matter what the reason that people have as to why they travel, it is no doubt that traveling has some positive rewards.

In social media today, travel blogging has now become a worldwide trend. People nowadays travel as a career and as a hobby. It may be really costly to be always traveling overseas or within the country, however, no amount of money can ever account for the experiences and learn that one can get from going on trips. Traveling for some people is a way of life.

Some people travel to break away from their usual routine or perhaps get away from their troubles. Traveling, in fact, brings positive change as it does not only that it refreshes the person’s mind, but also mind and soul.

Some people travel to distant places and do things that are beyond their expectations. Seeing the world from a different perspective can give the motivation to try new things and live to the fullest. Traveling to a distant place and doing adventurous things can refresh you as a person making you ready to take on new challenges in life and work when you get home. Traveling is a form of healing that is why a lot of people travel to become the better person they wanted to be.

9Traveling is a way to acquire new knowledge and a quest to find new ideas and inner peace. Going on a trip, even if bad experiences may happen, can definitely leave you smarter and more creative. Changing your environment once in a while can lead you to a clearer mindset, relaxed mood and focus that can help you think of new ideas when you need one. Exposure to nature, new people, and new atmosphere can expose you to things that are new to you but can become a positive part of your life. Travel experiences open your mind up to many possibilities of making you smarter and honing you to become more creative. By traveling to new places you’ve never been before, you are opening yourself to new things that can only be achieved through experience.

Several studies were conducted linking traveling with creativity. In fact, scientists have long been looking into the effect of exposing oneself to new places on the wiring of the brain. It was found that traveling can help restart the creative juice maker in the brain. New experiences can actually help rewire your brain and revitalize the mind. Studies linking creativity and travel said that engaging, adapting and immersing oneself in new places and culture is the key to creativity.

Cross-cultural experiences strengthen your sense of self by making you more open to new things. It will also build up your self-confidence to help you get out of your comfort zone and engage yourself in meeting with people from different walks of life. It will definitely open you up to deeply understand the differences in people, culture, and beliefs.

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