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The Good Finds: Unusual Attractions in Cincinnati

Cincinnati is such a fascinating city. It never fails to amaze and captivate anyone who comes to the city. When you think that going to the Cincinnati museum, zoo and enjoying the baseball game in the arena is all that there is in Cincinnati, well, you might have to think of going back again. Maybe it’s time for you to run another research on the places the places that you can go to and things you can do in Cincinnati. There are in fact a lot of unusual attractions that you can find around the city, some of which are somewhat hidden for you to know and find.

Here are some of the unusual attractions that you can find in Cincinnati:

American Sign Museum

The American Sign Museum is a specialty museum where elaborate and famous advertisement signs go once the things that were advertised are no longer around. This sign museum was created by Tod Swormstedt, the grandson of H.C Menefee, the first editor of the sign industry’s magazine, the Sign of the Times.

The sign collection comes from the earlier signs way back 1800s and 1970s which features signs of almost every sort. Some of the signs are from the pre-neon era, signs advertising cobblers, druggists, haberdashers, and other century-long businesses. You can also see some of the earlier sign designs of ads of products, companies, and personalities that still exist up to date. The place is indeed interesting and gives off a classic-retro-modern vibe.

The Cincinnati Mushroom House

This unique house is located in Hyde Park, an architecturally chaste neighborhood in Cincinnati. The house shares a resemblance to fungus and to houses similar to Smurfs’.

The Cincinnati Subway

In the 20th century when the river trade was flourishing that made Cincinnati rank in the Top ten largest city in the nation, the city decided to build a subway system with the intent to improve the trading system. However, after the remarkably brief golden era, the subway was closed as it became more of a nuisance. Today, most of the entrances are barred and closed. The best chance of seeing one of the access tunnels is off Hopple St.The Cincinnati Subway since then became an abandoned relic of a failed below ground transit experiment of the city.

Cincinnati Observatory

The Cincinnati Observatory is a star-gazing center that is known as the “Birthplace of American Astronomy”. It is possibly the oldest professional observatory in the U.S. it is located atop Mt. Lookout. Enjoy seeing the stars in this observatory and be left amaze of the amazing things you can see by looking at the sky.

Rockwood Ice Cream Parlor

This Ice Cream Parlor is an art deco ice cream shop covered in vintage train station tiles. This shop is housed at the Union Terminal. For visitors information, if the Union Terminal is under renovation or restoration, the ice cream parlor will not be accessible so make sure to have an inquiry before visiting.

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