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How Much Can You Expect To Pay At An Engagement Ring Repair Shop?

Even if you take perfect care of your engagement ring there will come a time when it’s necessary for the ring to enjoy some tender loving care under the professional attention of the skilled artisans at an engagement ring repair shop.

Whether it is for a simple cleaning or an alteration to the structure of the ring – or to repair damage that is a result of wear and tear a visit to these sorts of shops need not be filled with anxiety – most charge very reasonable fees for repairs and other services.

So what can you expect to pay for the various services that are offered?

1. Cleaning services.

If you take your engagement ring back to the store where you purchased it it is likely that they will use a ultra sonic bath and perhaps steam cleaning to return the jewelry in jewelry repair shop to good as new condition – and many will offer that service for free. However, cleaning can reveal scratches and blemishes. Shallow scratches can be removed by polishing and the cost should be around $25.

2. Resizing.

Our bodies change over time and you may notice that your engagement ring is either too lose or too tight. Too loose means that there is a danger of it slipping off – too tight and there is a risk that it could cutting off circulation. Costs vary according to the type of metal and just how much resizing needs to occur. you should be looking at a cost of between $30 up to as much as $200.

3. Resetting.

Sometimes the repair work can be a little more complex – such as when a stone has fallen from a setting. there are a variety of considerations, including the type of gemstone, the metal of the engagement ring and the type of setting itself. For gemstones like diamond the carat weight of the stone and the cut will also influence just how much the resetting work will cost. The costs can vary from as little as $20 all the way up to $300 – there are so many variables that it’s best to consult a qualified jeweler.

There are also other repair services that will be offered by a qualified jeweler at an engagement repair shop. For instance even though diamonds are known as extremely durable they can still chip or scratch. A qualified jeweler will be able to asses the severity of the damage and recommend the right treatment. If the scratches or chips are not too deep it is likely that they can be polished away. This procedure can vary enormously in price depending on the severity of the damage and the cut and carat of the stone.

However for some lower quality stones the damage may simply be to serious – in this case the stone will have to be replaced.

The best approach to getting your engagement ring repaired is to consult with a qualified jeweler – only then will you know if a repair is possible – and the costs associated with that repair.

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