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Swimming Grounds in Cincinnati

When people think of Cincinnati, the first few things that come to mind are sports teams, architecture, and museums. Did you know that there are few beaches not too far from Cincinnati that you can go to and enjoy? Cincinnati visitors can have fun in the such as either Ohio and neighboring Indiana. Here  are some of the beaches that you can go to when you are in Cincinnati:

East Fork State Park

Enjoy the 1200 ft swimming beach at East Fork State Park. It is located in Bethel, Ohio, 25 minutes away from the north of Cincinnati. Visitors can also lounge by the lake, camp and enjoy the hills and meadows throughout the park. If you intend to visit this place, do check with the park any water safety advisory as sometimes high levels algal toxins can be present.

Mounds State Recreation Area, Indiana

After an adventurous drive through rolling hills and driving roads to get to this destination, enjoy a dip in Brookville Lake at Mounds State Recreation Area. If you intend to visit this place, do check with the park any water safety advisory since blue-algae may be present. There are no lifeguards available which mean you are swimming at your own risk and therefore it is not advisable to bring kids around. Snacks are available at the beach house side.

Hueston Woods State Park

This 1500 ft swimming beach lies nearby College Corner, Ohio. If you play golf, the park has an 18-hole golf course. Boats for rent in Acton Lake is also available. Pets are not allowed to be brought in the park and there is a day-time only swimming policy for those who wanted to swim for safety reasons.

Cesar Creek State Park

If you don’t mind driving a bit farther from the city proper, approximately a 40-minute drive to Waynesville from downtown Cincinnati, Cesar Creek State Park has a 1300 ft beach. Like any other parks, there is a day-time only swimming and “carry-in/carry-out” policy so make sure to bring floaters if you don’t know how to swim (swim at your own risk) since no lifeguards are available, and be sure to take your trash with you when you leave.

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