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Welcome to Cincinnati

Cincinnati is a city that serves as county seat of Hamilton County and is considered as a major city in the U.S State of Ohio. It is located on north side of the confluence of the Licking and Ohio River. It is also considered as the third-largest city in the State Ohio and is in rank 65th as the largest city in the United state.

It is known as the “Queen City of the West” and is distinct among other Midwestern cities. Cincinnati has a mixed culture of the Northeast, Old South, Midwest and Appalachia that is strongly integrated by German-Catholic heritage. Cincinnati is a diverse city with its people coming from many parts of the world.

Today, Cincinnati is continuously growing fast as a metro area and has become home to many booming industries as well as to many remarkable architectures. The “Downtown” Cincinnati is the Central Business District of the city. Its picturesque foothills and many attractions add beauty to the Queen City making it one of the places that everyone should come and visit. Its legendary skyline is one of a kind.

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