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What Do English Bulldogs Eat?

The English Bulldog can eat just about any type of dog food provided that it is free from soybean. The neutered dogs should typically be on a low-fat diet to avoid weight gain. The pickers eaters can often be promoted to eat when adding oil, cottage cheese or yogurt into their kibble.

The English Bulldog can also be given occasional snacks such as vegetables, crackers, fruit or meat. However, this breed should never be given onions, chocolate or soybeans to eat. The puppies usually eat 3 to 4 times daily and the adult feedings should typically be decreased to 2 times a day, transitioning into the adult dog-food as well as feeding schedules when the dog reaches between the ages of 1 to 2 years old.

The adolescent and puppies might require cottage cheese or vitamin supplements added into their meals due to the rapid growth over this short time frame. A good quality oil helps their coats to stay healthy and yogurt can aid in digestion. However, it is important not to overfeed an English Bulldog, especially the older and neutered that are prone to becoming inactive or lazy.

What Type Of Food Should Be Given TO Keep Them Healthy

While a bulldog is growing, they are the type of breed that can usually eat unlimited amounts of food, but the owner of the dog should place close attention to any signs of obesity or weight gain. An overweight puppy might require a diet that is stricter, but generally an English Bulldog should not be placed on a severe-calorie restricted diet without guidance from a vet.


The English Bulldog usually has a sensitive digestive system, which is why you should maintain the same type of food that the puppy is already eating when you bring the dog home.

Transitioning To New Food

If the owner of an English Bulldog would like to change their pet’s food to a new brand, it is advisable to combine ¼ of the new food with ¾ of the current food a period of one week. For the 2nd week mix half of the new food with half of the current food. For the 3rd week combine ¾ of the new food with ¼ of the old food. In the 4th week the owner can transition to the new food.

Food Amount

The English bulldogs usually have a good appetite, but due to their low energy-levels, it is important that they are not over fed. The feeding-instructions on the food packaging is usually a good guide to follow.

Food Type

This breed of dog is prone to health issues and allergies, so it is advisable to select high-quality dog foods like Royal Canin. This is one of the brands that offers a puppy formulation and bulldog-specific formulation as the dog matures.

Reactions To Food

The English Bulldog is susceptible to various food allergies, which is why it is advisable to monitor the dog for a reaction they may have from his or her food. If the owner notices excessive itchiness, diarrhea, vomiting or hives, the owner should take their pet to a vet to examine for a food allergy. If you are really looking for a baby english bulldog for adoption than consult the best breeder near you and also know what kind of food is good for your bulldog.

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